Why do we recommend ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo helps you maximize every stage of the customer lifecycle

With ZoomInfo, your team gains access to the world’s most accurate and comprehensive B2B intelligence repository. Their unique technology and unparalleled level of data allows teams to automate how they identify, connect with, and close ideal customers.

Give your team the information they need to engage the right person, at the right time, with the right message — give them ZoomInfo.

Who benefits from ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo for Sales Teams

Accelerate your sales cycle. With ZoomInfo, your sales team will gain the following benefits:

Access real-time sales intelligence

ZoomInfo Scoops keeps contact and account information updated in real-time. You’ll know who was hired at a company, who left, and what was said about that company in the news. Plus, you can identify accounts that have shown buying intent for your products and services.

Improve the health of your CRM data

ZoomInfo Enrich automatically enriches your CRM database with additional information on team size, funding, technology use, and hundreds of other data points — helping you build out territories, score leads, prioritize follow up, and so much more.

Streamline your sales processes

ZoomInfo Workflows automatically pushes real-time data about contacts and companies directly to the right sales reps and teams — improving your sales workflows and boosting sales rep productivity.

View prospect data across the web

ZoomInfo Reachout is an intelligent browser plugin that allows you to access contact and company data from LinkedIn profiles, corporate websites, and within Salesforce — helping you learn more about prospects, no matter where you are.

ZoomInfo for Marketing Teams

Accelerate your marketing cycle. With ZoomInfo, your marketing team will gain the following benefits:

Build strategic campaign audiences

ZoomInfo identifies your ideal buyers based on specific criteria and groups them based on common interests or pain points. ZoomInfo has more than 300 company attributes you can use to create your ideal campaign audiences.

Streamline your marketing funnel

ZoomInfo Enrich ZoomInfo Enrich provides accurate, up-to-date data about your accounts and contacts, filling in the gaps in your marketing database. With better data, you will be able to more efficiently score, route, and prioritize the leads you generate.

Anticipate future leads

ZoomInfo WebSights registers a web visitor’s IP address once they arrive on your site and submits it to the ZoomInfo platform. Then, ZoomInfo will provide a detailed profile for each company and a complete list of potential contacts employed there for you to follow up with.

Increase website conversions

ZoomInfo FormComplete shortens website forms and increases conversion rates. A prospect simply enters their email address and ZoomInfo automatically fills in the remaining fields, making the process simpler, faster, and more effective — all helping prevent form fill-out fatigue.

ZoomInfo for Service & Support Teams

Accelerate your customer support process. With ZoomInfo, your service, support, or account management team will gain the following benefits:

Provide personalized and timely customer outreach

ZoomInfo Scoops and ZoomInfo Intent enhance your account and contact awareness by automatically updating information like executive changes, funding rounds, product launches, competitive intel, technology considerations, and more. With this valuable information, your team can better personalize customer outreach.

Use email to effortlessly gain valuable customer insight

ZoomInfo’s InboxAI collects data from email communications and automatically sends valuable insights gleaned from those conversations to your CRM. These insights help inform and prescribe coaching strategies and facilitate cross-selling and renewal productivity.

Streamline Your Workflow

ZoomInfo Workflows ensures you’re always aware of important and relevant information about accounts and contacts. Users can specify which important criteriam by selecting from available triggers such as technology updates, funding rounds, buying intent, and website visitors.

View Customer Data Across the Web

ZoomInfo Reachout is an intelligent browser plugin that allows you to access contact and company data from LinkedIn profiles, corporate websites, and within Salesforce.

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