CRM complexity has grown over the years.

It’s not easy keeping up with training, certifications, best practices, new features, strategic alignment, or the myriad of day-to-day tasks it requires to keep a CRM running optimally.

It’s simply no longer a one-person job to maintain all that. In fact, it requires a team-based approach to truly be successful with CRM, with each person having different skill sets and capabilities that will blend together to get the job done right.

That’s where MasterPlan, our CRM success program, comes in.

What is MasterPlan?

MasterPlan: A CRM Success Program

MasterPlan is a subscription that bundles all of our CRM capabilities into one simple, affordable package.

Unlimited CRM Administration

We serve as your CRM administrator. If it can be done in-UI and without coding, we’ll do it for you. This includes managing your users, roles and permissions, creating reports, dashboards, custom fields, custom objects, workflows and automations, importing CSV data, and more.

A Customized CRM Roadmap

By working with your dedicated CRM consultant, you will receive a customized CRM roadmap and curated success plan to enable long-term and short-term success. Your roadmap will be based on your organization’s specific goals. This plan consists of important elements like upcoming configuration and training needs, developing KPIs and dashboards to match, or simply outlining best practices for your organization’s CRM use cases.

Unlimited Virtual CRM Training & Guidance

User adoption is key to CRM success. We provide clients with unlimited training. We can run learning sessions for your new users, your admins, your leadership or specialized teams, and we even perform refresher training to make sure your team adopts and uses your CRM effectively.

Unlimited CRM Support

As a MasterPlan client, your support requests, issues, and questions will receive priority follow-up, meaning you will get the fastest response times available. Faster CRM support means faster time to value.

A Dedicated CRM Consultant

You will work with one of our dedicated CRM consultants. Your consultant will meet with you on a regular basis, specific to your needs and schedule, to discuss and plan your CRM needs, strategy, issues, and upcoming projects.

A Team of CRM Experts

Gain access to an extended team of CRM experts to help tackle your needs. Your team will include strategy consultants, business analysts, CRM administrators, CRM support specialists, software developers, and solution architects.

CRM Maintenance & Upgrades

Any client on a cloud-based CRM will be kept up-to-date on the newest features and will be upgraded to the newest versions of software as they are released.

MasterSolve Software Maintenance

If your team uses any software development services or integrations delivered by MasterSolve, we will diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve the issues that are affecting your CRM instance.

Limited 3rd-Party Software Support

If your team uses any 3rd-party software tools and integrations not delivered by MasterSolve, we can provide limited support by helping to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve issues, often by working with your 3rd-party vendor’s support team on your behalf.

We know you have a lot on your plate, let us take the hassle out of your CRM administration.

What value does MasterPlan provide?

The Benefits of MasterPlan

Our MasterPlan CRM Success Program provides you with the following benefits, just to name a few.
  • Improving user adoption & productivity
  • Increasing ROI while also reducing expenses
  • Improving customer relations & communications
  • Improving workflow efficiency
  • Enhancing customer data analysis
  • Enhancing business agility & decision making
  • Optimizing marketing strategies
  • Finding & hiring expert-level talent & resources
  • Alignment with business processes & KPIs
  • Project implementation failures & issues
  • Keeping up with training & certifications
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Lack of access to skilled experts
  • Undefined project specifications
  • Regulatory and government compliance risks
  • Inability to scale quickly
  • Unforeseen circumstances
  • Not knowing what you don’t know (blind spots)

How much does MasterPlan cost?

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MasterPlan is designed to help you reduce CRM-related costs and improve CRM ROI. That’s why our pricing is simple and transparent.

In order to reap the benefits outlined above, you would need to hire an entire internal team of CRM experts:

Team Role

Average Salary (from

CRM Administrator $95,639
Business Analyst $75,879
Solutions Architect $127,040
Software Developer $96,095
Strategy Consultant $109,120
CRM Support Consultant $57,860
Combined Salaries: $561,633
Average Salary (from


With MasterPlan, you gain access to this extended team of resources to assist with your specific CRM needs and roadmap, all for a fixed monthly fee instead of having to hire directly.

See the cost savings for yourself! Fill out the information below to get a commitment-free estimate for your organization.

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    Does MasterPlan really work?

    Here’s What Clients Have to Say

    MasterSolve has really helped us to “turn the light on”. I know anytime I turn in a ticket MasterSolve will take the time to fully understand what we need to accomplish and come up with a great solution. MasterSolve has become a trusted partner.
    — Jeff Lamont,
    Marketing/Business Development, ATCOM
    The solution provided by MasterSolve addressed all our needs. The SugarCRM provided Elliott Matsuura with the tools we needed to become more efficient in our day to day sales process. MasterSolve has supported us through implementation and with additional reporting requirements
    — Frank Bolieiro
    VP Sales & Marketing, Elliott Matsuura Inc.
    MasterSolve is one of those rare partners that not only assist you technically but offer suggestions and ideas that have consistently improved our processes and our experience with Sugar; they are always helpful, engaging and available, and it is always a pleasure to work with them.
    — Rob McAnally
    CRM Administrator, Rhino Fleet Tracking

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