Cloud Engineering

What cloud engineering services does MasterSolve provide?

Services to modernize your applications

Are you considering modernizing your applications?

Modern applications provide significant advantages, including:

  • Built-in high availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Proactive security
  • More efficient communication paradigms
  • Faster delivery of new features
  • Improved application scale
  • Better application performance

Legacy applications simply can’t keep up.

We leverage our deep cloud engineering experience—developed by working with over 100 clients—to provide cloud engineering solutions that help your organization accelerate your cloud and containerized application technologies.

We provide the following cloud engineering services:

Container and Kubernetes Orchestration

If your organization is considering migrating your existing applications or appliances to Kubernetes or another container, let us help.

Our experienced team can configure, build, and manage an enterprise container platform for your containerized applications—thereby accelerating your organization’s adoption of containers and Kubernetes.

Plus, our team has a deep understanding of all major enterprise container platforms. With our help, you can simplify the installation process, improve platform reliability, and add easy-to-configure features.

AWS and Azure Cloud Migration

We provide services to help you rapidly build, deploy, and optimize applications in the cloud while minimizing your hosting costs and improving repeatability through automation. Our team has demonstrated our knowledge in this area by successfully migrating a variety of organizations to the cloud with well-architectured frameworks—all while reducing their infrastructure costs.

If you’re migrating your applications to the cloud, it is also an excellent time for you to consider utilizing new technology and deployment paradigms, including switching to managed services to simplify application architecture.

DevOps Consulting

The key to successful DevOps processes is automation. The goods news is that we are experts in DevOps and automation technologies.

Our team can help your organization design, build, and optimize your automation technologies to reduce your software time‐to‐market, limit your defects, and reduce your risks.

Could your organization benefit from our cloud engineering services?