Business Transformation

How does MasterSolve drive impactful business transformations?

MasterSolve aligns your people, processes, and technology

You invest a large number of resources into every digital and business transformation initiative. Don’t let those investments go to waste.

We ensure that your entire project team shares the same vision, structure, and clearly defined responsibilities throughout the project lifecycle. We can help you align your teams, technology, and processes to achieve bold, transformational projects.

CX Management

Your CX technologies and programs should evolve alongside your business. They should always help your team sell, market, and service more efficiently. That’s why we provide CX management services to help you realize the full potential of your CX investments.

Our team takes time to understand your workflows, pain points, and specific business needs to develop a plan of action that will provide you with the very best outcome.

Some of our CX management services are:

  • CRM health checks
  • CRM implementations
  • CX process optimization
  • CX customization
  • CRM training for your end-users and admins
  • Workflow mapping and improvements

Marketing automation services

Marketing automation can provide the tools your organization needs to get the right messages to your audience, at the right time. With our help, your organization can effortlessly create meaningful relationships with your audiences and measure your marketing success.

Some of our marketing automation services include:

  • Marketing automation platform implementations
  • Marketing automation platform training for admins and end-users
  • Marketing automation platform and CRM synchronization
  • Marketing automation support

By helping your team select, implement, and correctly utilize marketing automation software, we enable you to achieve better marketing results.

System integrations

Our team provides expert integrations of CRM, cloud, and marketing automation systems. We work with over 90 applications, CRM platforms, cloud platforms, and marketing automation platforms.

We use the latest technologies and follow industry best practices to ensure your integrations make sense, run smoothly, and provide value to your organization.

Business analysis and planning

If your organization is thinking of making a transformational change in business or IT processes, you should consider our business analysis and planning services.

We provide leadership, governance, and accountability oversight to make sure your organization can successfully achieve the desired goals of your digital and business transformation initiatives. Our team also provides business analytics services, IT services, and relevant training to help your team build new, efficient business processes.

Data migration

Data migration is no simple task. If your organization is making a switch from one CRM platform to another, integrating a new application to your current CRM platform, or even moving your business to the cloud, you cannot ignore the importance of your data migration.

Thankfully, our experienced team knows all of the intricacies of data migration. The trained professionals on our team have successfully led various migration processes, across a variety of CRM and cloud platforms.

Could your organization benefit from our business transformation services?