Karpel Solutions is a business and government solutions provider. They help clients achieve strategic goals by providing IT services and support, custom software development, and criminal case management software. Their custom approach to solving complex business problems has been the basis of their success.


Karpel uses SugarCRM and Sugar Market to drive their sales and marketing processes. They had usability issues with the sync between the two systems, which meant that their salespeople were spending too much time and effort searching for the data that they needed.

In addition, their marketing team did not receive sufficient Sugar Market training. As a result, their users had a difficult time building landing pages and forms, and managing events.

Karpel wanted their SugarCRM and Sugar Market platforms to sync without issue. They also wanted their internal Sugar Market users to be provided with additional tools and hands-on training so they could get the most out of their investment.

Karpel chose to collaborate with MasterSolve to overcome their challenges.

Our team immediately began working with the Sugar Market support team, filing product enhancements for Karpel’s system in order to fix the most pressing issues their team was facing.

In addition, the main user of Sugar Market at Karpel was given landing page and form templates. With the templates he was able to create, adjust, and deploy marketing assets quickly, and with confidence.

Finally, to help their team better track events data, we provided them with an easy to understand how-to guide about connecting Sugar Market with their webinar platform (GoToWebinar).

Karpel’s SugarCRM and Sugar Market platforms now sync more effectively and their marketing team is able to create flawless marketing assets with ease. Karpel is now getting the most out of their Sugar investment.

“MasterSolve helped us understand how Sugar Market could compliment Sugar Sell and expand the capabilities we were already using. All-in-all, I honestly don’t know how our Sugar use would be successful had it not been for MasterSolve.”

— John Kitsmiller,
Sales Executive – Case Management Software, Karpel Solutions Inc.

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