GN Thermoforming Equipment, based in Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of roll-fed thermoformers for the production of high-quality plastic packaging. The company’s operation also includes a Technical Service and Sales Center in Jihlava, Czech Republic. GN has exported its equipment to 70 countries over the past 40 years. More information on GN Thermoforming Equipment is available at www.gncanada.com.


GN Thermoforming Equipment used spreadsheets to keep track of their data. They also operate out of both Canada and Europe with each branch using different systems and thus creating two different isolated processes.

GN wanted to unify their process between the two countries to make sure everyone was on the same page.

MasterSolve was able to assess GN’s current workflows and create new ones that made more sense for their day to day processes. After mapping out the current workflow at that time MasterSolve removed unnecessary, inefficient steps and added steps that would make the workflow more efficient. As a result, MasterSolve was able to standardize their process.

“Mastersolve enabled us to input all our Customer Feedback and Technical inquiries in one place, this is very important for us as we have two locations globally with technicians on both sides. Our team of technicians work closely together and having the information in a common place allows everyone to follow along and provide input quickly.”

— Kalyn Appleby,
Technical Services Manager, GN Thermoforming Equipment

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