ATCOM Business Technology Solutions manages your IT functions so that you don’t have to. The service takes the confusion out of updating, monitoring and maintaining your technology, allowing you to get back to what’s important; running your business. ATCOM takes the time to learn your business processes and design simple solutions that make sense to your business. Technology is confusing but ATCOM demystifies it, keeping your company up to date and ahead of the curve.


ATCOM provides IT management services and they were looking into finding support for their CRM systems. Before coming to MasterSolve ATCOM had purchased a SugarCRM system from another reseller. However, over time were not receiving the support they desired or on-time software updates.

As a result, ATCOM reached out to MasterSolve and found us attentive and quick to respond. In the initial consultations, we quickly identified the problems ATCOM was having with their new systems and created a plan to fix them.

MasterSolve automated some of the processes ATCOM was doing manually to make them more efficient. Lastly, MasterSolve was able to set up their account-based marketing within their marketing automation system with trickle-down campaigns.

Not only did MasterSolve provide ATCOM with a comprehensive support package but we discovered that they wanted to build out their marketing automation capabilities from individual marketing to account-based. As a result, we outfitted them with Sugar Marketing and synched it with their SugarCRM to provide a seamless platform.

“MasterSolve has really helped us to “turn the light on”. I know anytime I turn in a ticket MasterSolve will take the time to fully understand what we need to accomplish and come up with a great solution. MasterSolve has become a trusted partner.”

— Jeff Lamont,
Marketing/Business Development, ATCOM

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