Selecting a Social Media Platform: Where to Start

It is in general knowledge that forming an online presence through your social media platforms is the inevitable element for developing excellent customer relationships, increasing brand viewership, and pushing conversions. But where to even begin, right? What are these Twitters, Facebooks, and Instagrams that the kids are using nowadays? Let’s break down how you can get started.

The Breakdown

There is a type of social media platform geared to “everyone,” but really narrowing down on the most effective ones will provide the best results. With the help of The Marketing Girl, we simplified the process of selecting a platform by addressing the Four M’s.

  • Marketing Goals. Firstly, when developing content or advertising material, you don’t want to dive right in without any analysis of yourself. What is your mission or key message that you want to push to your customers? Select a platform that allows you to emphasize and highlight your branding strategy easily.
  • Market Fit. Secondly, think about your ideal customer who wants to buy your product/service. Who are they and what platforms do they use frequently? These will be the people looking at your content after all. Also, consider the industry that you operate in. What is your competition doing? Take a look at how they deliver content or advertisements to their clients and the platforms they use.
  • Measurable/Trackable. In addition, does the platform have analytical elements that can identify whether your actions online have been effective
  • Matches Cost/Management Expectations. In conclusion, do you have the resources in place to actually manage one or more social media platforms? Are advertising costs on these platforms reasonable to your business’ budget?

Which Platform to Pick

But, after thinking of the above questions, now comes the fun part, picking the actual platform(s)! Some have greater advantages to your business than others. I just wanted to share a few key points from A Medium Corporation to outline the best elements about four main platforms:

Facebook, the ‘ol reliable

  • Large reach potential.
  • The biggest demographic from 25-34 years old, however older individuals are also present!
  • Longer post character limit and Livestream potential.
  • Ability to perform targeted advertisements.

Instagram, the image-sharing giant.

  • Potential for more personal, “behind-the-scenes” stories and live streams.
  • Hashtags can be followed by users.
  • More visual-based than written.
  • Younger demographic, majority between 18-29 years old.
  • Connectivity to Facebook, which creates an integrated advertising experience.

Twitter, the updater.

  • Post-character-limit allows for quick updates.
  • Easy engagement with customers.
  • Demographics centralized around 18-29 and 50-64 age segments.
  • Real-time marketing potential.
  • The platform has advertising capability.

LinkedIn, the businessman.

  • More B2B oriented and in a professional setting.
  • Advertising capability.
  • Older demographic within the 30 to 64 age bracket.
  • Potential to post longer pieces and share content from the brand website.

Hopefully with the questions and information above it was a helpful introduction to start thinking about selecting a social media platform(s). Think of any potential platforms you could choose that fit best with your business?

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