Remove The Guess Work From Your Content Marketing With Closed-Loop Analytics

Content is everywhere. From our social media feeds, to our inboxes to the websites we frequent. Even if we aren’t looking for it there is often content trying to capture our attention. So, how do we make our own content stand out in an over-saturated market? It’s all about knowing your customer and providing content that speaks to them. But how do you figure what content will speak to your prospects? One great way is with Closed-Loop Analytics.

Figure Out If You Are Creating Relevant Content

Instead of guessing what content will resonate with which customers, it would be good to know with certainty. Invest in a tracking and analytical tool like a Marketing Automation platform that will provide you with closed-loop analytics. This data provides insights into the buyer journey so that you can convert your prospects to customers.

Targeted Content

This data will help you provide targeted content for every stage of the sales funnel rather than just top-of-the-funnel, lead generation content. Closed-Loop Analytics provides data by comparing multiple sources of analytical data like audience tracking, Google Analytics, and CRM. You can also track things like downloads, shares, and open rates. You can see where your audience spends most of its time and identify the most popular assets.

This allows you to track all marketing efforts and identify which tactics actually lead to a conversion. This will strengthen the relationship between your sales and marketing teams by creating tried and true strategies that both teams believe in.

Update Outdated Content

Closed-Loop Analytics allows you to tailor content so that your audience is more likely to engage with it and convert. Old content will not convert as well or at all because it has not been tailored to your tested messaging.

Make sure that you keep track of exactly where all of your current and old content is located. Whether it be in a resource library, linked on your web pages or in your blogs, and even in old drip campaigns.

Once you have integrated marketing automation and analytics into your business you will be able to receive insights on each of your content assets. This makes it easier to track and easier to stay on top of content freshness.

However, outdated content is not nearly as bad as sending the wrong content. Consistently check your drip campaigns and triggered emails to make sure that the right (fresh) content is reaching the right people at the right time! This will ensure that you keep prospects moving through the sales funnel rather than dropping off.

Use Your Closed-Loop Analytics To Improve Your Content

Using Closed-Loop Analytics really comes down to measuring and tracking. You will be able to analyze the data you get from tracking your content giving you a big picture view of how your content performs. You can then determine which content is driving sales and conversions.

This information is beneficial for both the sales and marketing teams. Sales will know which content assets will help move prospects through the sales cycle thereby building authority in the industry and trust in the brand.

Invest in a marketing automation tool to start seeing the difference that Closed-Loop Analytics can make in your content. Companies that have already implemented this strategy have seen big results with 80% seeing an increase in their success. This marketing strategy ensures that you share the most engaging content with your buyers. To get started with a marketing automation set-up, give us a call today!

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