How SugarCRM Assists Each Department

Imagine how much easier it would be to work when every department is interconnected. You have all of their data and information right at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed decisions faster than you would before. A Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM for short allows you to do just this. It helps you to overcome many of the new business challenges that come your way. It gives you a holistic view of your business, presenting you with actionable data, and generating a sales pipeline. But, the best part about CRM is that it is quite useful in every department.

Here are some ways that SugarCRM Assists Each Department:

The Sales Department

In order to meet their goals sales, teams must not only grapple with people but new processes and technologies. Your sales team faces key challenges every day but a good CRM system will be able to help with all of them.

Track and monitor your sales data all in one place.

This includes all of their activities, to-dos, and KPI metrics. Good CRMs also allow you to personalize your dashboard so you see the data you need the most right away. You can also generate any reports you need to assist you in reaching your goals.

Automate your manual processes.

It allows you to program your organizations or your department’s process into it and create automated workflows. Furthermore, it will define who does what in terms of actions, milestones, and activities.

Predict your next move.

Instead of playing the guessing game, you can make informed decisions. CRM provides real-time sales analytics and insights on all of your deals, past, and present. You have detailed information about your prospects so that you know what they need next. It also can even track changes and challenges that are affecting your pipeline.

Upsell to your existing customer base.

Your CRM uses information like customer needs, previous purchase history, and analyses of future potential to map your customer information. This is then used to uncover both upsell and cross-sell opportunities. The sales team can then create targeted promotions with products and services that are more relevant to the individual customer.

Take your CRM with you wherever you go.

Many CRM systems offer mobile apps that allow you to get the information that you need on the go. This helps you to stay engaged and on top of every deal.

Generate quotes in a flash.

CRMs allow you to save time by generating and exporting quotes directly from specific opportunities.

Less time on manual data entry.

Your CRM will automatically pull up all customer data by simply inputting a name and email address. This includes sales data, social media information, contact info, company info, and much more.

The Service Department

In this day and age, customers expect the level of customer service that has become synonymous with companies like Amazon and Zappos. A CRM can give your customer service reps the tools and the data they need to keep your customers happy.

Give customer service reps a holistic view of the customers.

In order to do their jobs in the best way possible, your customer service reps need to have a complete view of each customer. With that, they will be able to predict customer health and behavior so that they can proactively provide the customer with what they need next.

Keep the workflow balanced.

A CRM will automatically separate and assign cases amongst your service reps. They can also separate cases by issue priority, capacity, and agent expertise. CRMs create support queues and assignment workflows to ensure that your service department continues to run smoothly.

Increase your response times.

Your CRM automates the entire support process so that your team can meet their response and resolution times. Some CRMs like SugarCRM allow you to set up dynamic alerts that ensure milestones and deadlines are being met.

Get your customer satisfaction back on track.

CRM offers a variety of reporting and dashboards so that your customer support team will know what your customers need as they need it. You can monitor your customer satisfaction scores, meet response and resolution times, and verify that your support standards are being met across the board. CRM also allows you to create customer loyalty programs to keep your customers happy.

Take advantage of self-service.

CRM can help you ease the load on your customer support team by creating and implementing self-service tools. When your customers can help themselves, not only will that elevate your customer support reputation but it will also decrease the work on your team so they can get to other cases faster and more efficiently.

The IT Department

The IT department takes a different role with CRM. They are responsible for keeping everything in working order. They must deploy the plan and integrate the CRM with existing systems. So, IT must be well versed in what the other departments need in order to set it up correctly.

Integrate with core systems.

Many CRM systems are able to integrate with marketing automation, inbound marketing, relationship analytics, incentive management tools, and many more. IT must integrate all of the systems that their departments need to do their jobs better. To do so they may also develop custom plug-ins.

Ensure data privacy and security.

Data privacy and security is one of the most important features of any CRM. Companies like SugarCRM have actually made this a major focus on their software. As an organization grows and transforms they must choose a software that can handle the increasing amount of customer data that the company throws its way. Since, IT is responsible for making sure this goes smoothly, it is important that they have the right CRM to support what they are trying to achieve.

Flexible deployment.

Make sure to choose a CRM that is flexible, not rigid. A good CRM should adapt to your business rather than having your business adapt to the CRM.

Get the right size.

Many people don’t want to buy CRMs that are made for small businesses because they predict that they will soon outgrow it. However, many CRM software like SugarCRM comes with a scalability function so that your CRM grows with you.

CRM is quickly becoming one of the most essential tools when it comes to running a modern business. But it is important to remember that it is just a tool that must be applied.

In order to allow your CRM to be effective and successful, you must roll it out properly allowing your employees to adopt it. If you are interested in exploring a CRM system to see how it will fit with your business, contact us for a CRM evaluation to find out what will work for you.

In conclusion, that is just a few ways how SugarCRM can assist each department.

If you are looking for technology and business processes improvement to help you propel your business toward success, give us a call today!


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