Higher Logic & CRM, Combine To Keep Your Customers Happy

We’ve all heard of ‘Happy wife, happy life’ right? Well, a happy customer will keep you from going under!

Did you know that you could give your customers a better support experience while still saving money? It may sound too good to be true but there is software available that achieves both goals simultaneously. The two programs that can achieve this feature when paired are:

SugarCRM provides a wealth of data while the customer community brings people together. When integrated, both programs provide a seamless customer experience.


Higher Logic’s Customer Communities

The customer community platform gives you the tools to stay engaged with your customers. Better engagement leads to better customer support, higher customer retention, and natural customer advocacy. But the customer community isn’t just about how a business engages with its customers but rather how your customers engage with each other. The platform allows customers to collaborate, share ideas, and learn from one another. They add value to one another increasing loyal brand advocacy.


SugarCRM keeps track of your company’s interaction with existing and potential customers by collecting their data. It analyzes this data so that your sales team can make informed decisions and predictions about your customers and leads. CRM integration also allows you to keep all of this data at your fingertips as you can pull it up in seconds whenever and wherever you need it. And with a simple customizable interface, SugarCRM has created a platform that is easy to use.

So, what happens when these two products work together?

Let’s find out:

1. Faster Responses With Better Answers

When you have a customer issue you want to resolve it as fast as you can. With every moment that passes the customer becomes more dissatisfied. However, what happens when your customer service team is off the clock? With a customer community, you are never off the clock.

A customer community allows your customers to collaborate and share ideas. That means that they can ask each other questions and give each other answers. They can immediately provide each other with solutions to small problems they may encounter while using your product. Getting these issues fixed quickly is an invaluable asset that your customers will surely value.

Over time your customers will amass a searchable, ever-building manual in the customer community. There, it can be accessed by new and existing customers to answer any common questions that have come up before. This manual is also an enticing resource for prospective customers who are still deciding whether or not to purchase your product/service.

By tracking activity and engagement through the customer community you can also learn who your customer advocates are. You can then identify and target them for customer advocacy programs, testing new products, and much more.

2. Community Integrated With Support

However, when it comes to bigger problems, customers can’t really help each other. That is where intuitive customer support comes into play. Tracking your customer’s support journey from the moment they punch in a ticket is key.

Giving the support team the ability to see the customer journey lets them see who they have spoken to and the previous suggestions they were given. As a result, you will not be inclined to frustrate them further with solutions that were already tried and you can get to a resolution faster.

3. When Do You Fix and When Do You Expand

This data is essential to the customer support process but it is also valuable to you as a business. With this collected customer support data you get a glimpse into the mind of the customer. You will be able to see their pain points, how they use your products, how they solve problems, and what more they need from your product. This data can help you adjust accordingly and make your product better.

4. Leverage Your Data!

Your customers don’t just want to interact with each other but they also want to interact with you! Regardless, wherever your customers are interacting, make sure you record the data to give yourself the insights you need to increase your success. Data helps you to make informed decisions so make sure you capitalize on it!

It is Higher Logic’s mission to bring people together. With the help of SugarCRM, they can elevate your customer experience to the next level!

Check out this blog for more information on ways you can increase your Customer Success with SugarCRM and Higher Logic

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