What is SugarCRM's Customer Journey?

My favorite stores have always been the ones that know me best. The clothing stores who send me a discount code when they notice I haven’t shopped in a while or my favorite takeout place that already knows my name and my usual order before they even pick up the phone. Even down to my grocery that gives me suggestions and extra points based on the things I buy the most. It’s a simple gesture but it represents customer service in its purest form. It always makes a mark when a business takes the time to understand their customers and anticipate their needs.

SugarCRM’s Customer Journey Plugin helps you to do just that. With the plugin, you can combine sales notes with artificial intelligence to visualize and act upon every aspect of the customer journey. This will create a deep and lasting relationship with your customers. The versatile plugin allows you to collect data from an entire customer lifecycle or focus on just one segment. You can also customize your plugin with one of the many industry-specific templates. Some of the industries include; manufacturing, holding companies, software development, CPGs, tourism, hospitality, finance, and many more.

The plugin will help to streamline any sales process and evolve it to reach customer expectations. It prioritizes the most important tasks along every stage of the customer journey. Even in large companies that span different countries, the Customer Journey Plugin will give you a bird’s eye view of your customers. It will then integrate with your other systems to create single marketing, sales, and service solution.

If you are interested in adding the Customer Journey Plugin to your SugarCRM software then give us a call today!

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