DocuSign and SugarCRM Integration

Previously on our blog, we have discussed the value of integrating PandaDoc with Sugar and compared PandaDocs to Flexidocs, but what about DocuSign? Similarly, DocuSign is your ideal source for getting your documents signed online by your prospects. Signature requests can be sent through DocuSign online, and your sales team does not have to worry about wasting time doing it in person!

How Do All Of These Platforms Differ?

However, DocuSign differs slightly from PandaDoc and Flexidocs. Platforms like PandaDoc and Flexidocs are more focused on the documents itself, so they provide drag-and-drop content blocks for templates, online collaboration, and approval features, and have auto-fill fields that are derived from SugarCRM.

On the other hand, platforms like DocuSign have one primary objective, and that is to get things signed. DocuSign is actually one of the main e-signing platforms for Flexidocs, which can also be integrated with SugarCRM to help you do business faster.

Why Integrate DocuSign with SugarCRM?

In other words, platforms without their own e-signing function, DocuSign helps your sales team keep track of all the documents waiting to be signed. But the most exciting factor is that this is all completed within Sugar itself, no external sites required. Let’s take a closer look at why DocuSign is worthwhile to use in SugarCRM.

Features of DocuSign

How Is This Helpful?

  • Monitor all created documents, documents waiting to be signed, and completed documents.
  • Receive real-time updates and alerts of document progress through the Activity Stream within Sugar.
  • Through Sugar’s cloud format, your sales team can see who has taken action to reach out to a client. No in-person conversation or emailing necessary.
  • It helps salespeople remind prospects to sign the document or possibly identify other buyer concerns when a document sits dormant for too long.
  • It keeps salespeople motivated by monitoring the documents they need to complete/have signed.
  • Drag-and-drop fields can be added to the document before it is sent to the contact.
  • Utilizing these drag-and-drop fields prevents prospects from having to print out the document, then sign it, then scan/fax it back to you.
  • It eliminates extra steps and makes closing the deal faster.
  • Fields can be added to the document to pull data from the contacts you are sending it to in SugarCRM (e.g., first name, last name). Drag-and-drop fields are accessible on other devices such as mobile or tablet formats.
  • Configure usage of DocuSign.
  • Either has one DocuSign account for all or individual DocuSign accounts.
  • Send documents through one large company-wide account or limit it to the individual salespeople.
  • Utilize DocuSign SugarCRM dashlets to monitor progress.
  • Information regarding envelopes (e.g., the documents created, sent, and completed) is provided in a convenient bar or table chart on the right-side of SugarCRM.
  • See how documents are performing off-hand and in a more visual manner.
  • PDF conversion and automatic logging of documents that have been signed.
  • Documents that are sent to a prospect are automatically converted to a PDF file format to prevent any editing of the original document.
  • Once the document is signed, the fields can no longer be changed and are fixed in the PDF format.
  • All final signed documents are logged within Sugar and can be re-downloaded for the salesperson’s reference.

Check out the detailed demo that inspired this blog post!

Get those documents signed and close those deals! DocuSign is a very valuable program to use within Sugar. If you would like to know how to get your SugarCRM synced with DocuSign, contact us at MasterSolve!

Just by having a short call with us, our technicians can help you get on the right track to optimizing your business with CRM. We are problem solvers and ultimately want to make your workplace more efficient and functional. So let us help you transition from physical signing to online signing with DocuSign!

If you are looking for technology and business processes improvement to help you propel your business toward success, give us a call today!

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