Although there are a number of factors that affect your overall email performance, the basics start with design. In this video, three specific design details that make a huge difference are covered:

  • HTML vs. text emails
  • Reply-to address
  • Personalization

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is D’Andre Davis-Taylor and I’m the Marketing Coordinator at MasterSolve. In this short video, I’m gonna go over some email design quick tips. There are a number of factors that affect your overall email performance but for now, let’s focus on the important design decisions that you need to make for each message to have the best results.

So, HTML is perfect for a formal webinar or an event invite but when you want to take a more personal approach try a text version and, don’t forget your email must be responsive since so many people open up emails while they’re on the go. Something that people often overlook is who an email is sent from and what the reply-to address is.
Unless you’re sending out an email newsletter it’s best that if you’re sending out a regular email that you use someone’s personal email address rather than a typical generic email or info at email address.

When you use an individual’s actual personal email address the research has shown that people are twice as likely to open the email then if it comes from a generic one and, if you’re trying to drive meetings with sales an email that appears as a personal outreach from the rep is the way to go.

But to work the reply to address must also be the rep or you blown your cover and it’s obvious that a robot sent it. So, before you jump into sending your next email campaign make sure they’ve chosen the right format and they use some of the tips that have been mentioned in this video.

My name is D’Andre Davis-Taylor and thank you for watching.

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