In our webinar: 5 reasons you need a sync tool, Riva and MasterSolve touch on the five major reasons CRM projects fail and how to address those issues and begin to see the ROI your CRM can deliver.

Top 5 CRM Barriers And How To Avoid Them!

You implemented CRM as a solution to your problems, but now that it’s in place, you’ve come to realize that it just isn’t meeting all of your needs.

CRM is an amazing tool that can help us grow our businesses, create a better customer experience, and help our staff be more productive. But we need to get our staff using CRM and getting the right data in there before it can even begin to prove its worth.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Likewise, there are a number of issues companies face when it comes to CRM implementation and use, the number one being CRM user adoption. Here are 5 reasons to sync your email services to your CRM:

1. We Need To Improve Our CRM User Adoption

We hear this one a lot. But, arguably one of the greatest challenges with CRM implementation is user adoption. Whether you just implemented CRM or it has been in place for years, getting staff to use CRM is a huge hurdle that companies must jump in order to reap the benefits of this technology.

You’ve heard it time and time again, “it takes too long to copy information from my email to the CRM”, or “I don’t like having to work in two different systems” or better yet, “the information in CRM isn’t accurate”.

In other words, the best way to get your staff to use CRM is to make it impossible for them not to use it. And that’s where the right sync solution comes into play.

CRM Sync Tool

A CRM and email sync tool like Riva works in the background and can be configured to automatically sync between your CRM and email systems so that users don’t have to lift a finger. For example, they update their information, book meetings, and appointments, or send emails from their email platform and the information automatically gets synchronized to CRM.

Metrics & Trends

So, not only are you eliminating the need for double data entry, but you are automating processes and workflows based on your business needs and ensuring that the information in CRM is accurate and fresh, allowing for the gathering and reporting of metrics and trends to help with best practices and better close rates.

2. How do we know it’s working?

So now you’re wondering how we prove the actual ROI from Riva, right? Your plug-in says it can do the same thing but has fallen short.

Riva can show you exactly what you are getting from this sync tool and more. But with our unique dashboards, available when CRM admins log into their Riva Cloud Corporate Subscription, for instance, you can see information including:

  • How many contacts were created
  • Emails that were synchronized
  • How many appointments were updated, and how many opportunities were synchronized

Imagine being able to see your meetings to close rate, or being able to determine what your top closers are doing differently than the rest to provide better coaching, but the possibilities are endless.

3. Security is our biggest concern

Isn’t it on everyone’s mind? For instance, when dealing with client information, you need to ensure that you are following through on the rules and regulations set forth in your industry as well as exceeding client expectations in ensuring their data is kept secure. Whether you are dealing with GDPR, banking regulations, insurance requirements, customer data must be protected in transit and at rest.

To clarify, with Riva’s pass-through architecture and the use of Amazon Web Services data centers globally, we ensure that your information and that of your clients are protected at all costs.

Also, with our recent SOC 2 accreditation, Riva can meet any and all security and compliance requirements your industry is facing.

4. We need our sync solution to be flexible

That’s where Riva excels, and for some users, the standard plug-in does the trick, but for everything outside of the bullseye, we have you covered.

Meanwhile, by syncing your email services to your CRM Riva fills the gap between your CRM and email and calendar sync by providing custom categories, support for complex environments that include multiple instances of CRM or email systems, advanced calendaring options including delegate tracking, reoccurring events, and multiple invitees, for example.

Most importantly, Riva allows for flexibility in your work processes so that you don’t have to change your systems to meet the sync tool, rather, we ensure that the sync solution meets all of your needs, regardless of how complex.

5. Our calendars are very complex

However, Riva understands that for many enterprise clients, their teams live and breathe in their inbox. It’s where meetings and appointments are scheduled, where availability is shown, and where sales happen.

But that’s why we provide the most advanced calendaring options on the market but as an industry leader in CRM and email integration, we understand that out-of-the-box isn’t going to cut it when you send a meeting invitation to an invitee that doesn’t exist in your CRM, or when you need an assistant to update a meeting time for you while you are on the road and need that change reflected on your mobile calendar.

Why Use Riva?

For instance, what if a client sends an email with personal information that you don’t want in your CRM? Riva has you covered with the ability to redact personal information so that things like Social Security Numbers, Drivers Licenses, and banking information don’t make it into CRM.

By syncing your email services to your CRM, It allows users to follow important conversations by simply clicking a button or dragging and dropping an email to a folder or mark private events as private in your calendar. The options are endless, with the ability to meet your business needs while delivering the exceptional customer experience your clients demand.

So that’s why we teamed up with data integration platform Riva to touch on the five major reasons CRM projects fail and how to address those issues and begin to see the ROI your CRM can deliver, check out this blog!

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