4 Steps To Increase Customer Success With SugarCRM


How is your relationship with your customers?

The customer is the central part of any business, without the customer there would be no business. As a result, many companies have made it their mission to focus on customer success. They combine various elements like customer service, customer engagement, and customer loyalty programs.

But, did you know you can leverage your customer success to grow your company and take it to the next level?

The point of customer success is to increase your customer’s satisfaction thereby increasing both your customer retention and revenue. In order to do this, you need to have several departments working in unison i.e. marketing, sales, support, and training.

As a result, a customer success program has become essential to ensuring that your customers remain happy and continue coming back. So, create a system that not only brings departments together to pull their data but also provided a platform on which you can interact with customers. SugarCRM and Higher Logic’s Online Communities do just that.

Here are the 4 steps you can take to create a great customer success program:

Step 1: Collect The Right Types Of Customer Data

There are several different types of data to consider but for customer success, we want to collect three main types of data:

  • Demographic Data
  • Transactional Data
  • Activity Data

Remember that what works for one company may not work for yours, so let the data speak to you and craft a program tailor-made for your business.

With both demographic data and transactional data you should be able to determine who your customer is and what they typically purchase. On the other hand, activity data typically comes from your website and online community. You learn how your customers behave, their interests, concerns, and priorities.

When you collect these three types of data it gives you the clearest view of your customer landscape.

Step 2: Keep Your Data All In One Place

Now that you know what data you need to have a clear view, it is important that you have it all stored in one location. You want to have a complete picture of what is happening rather than a fragmented view because fragmented views lead to holes and mistakes.

A lot of companies use their CRM to pull data from all of their departments as well as their online community and store it all on one dashboard. Having it all in one place makes it easier to analyze.

Therefore, you will be able to track trends, interests, pain points, and favorite products.

Step 3: Build A Program

Now that you have all of your data and you can look at it all in one place, you can start crafting your customer success plan. Here are some items that typical customer success plans include:

  • Guidelines for handling customers
    • During the sales process
    • When upselling/upgrading
    • During customer support
  • A customer onboarding program to set customers up for success
  • Training resources to help customers and address pain points
  • Regular customer check-ins
  • Consistently updated content

Take your data and apply them to these points to create a program tailored to your customers. Many of these elements can be created using the tools available in your online community and CRM.

Step 4: Make Use Of Customer Feedback

Your business and your online presence is an ever-evolving entity. Make sure that you keep your product and service offers up to date and continue to perfect them by improving them.

Meanwhile, one of the most comprehensive ways to make your product and/or services better is to create a platform on which your customers can provide feedback. With this, you can identify what your customers like and what they do not. Use these identified pain points to improve your offerings as well as your company processes.

Use your online community to facilitate this customer feedback platform. Furthermore, you can create a platform where your customers can interact with one another to further the conversation.

If customer feedback leads to any changes let your customers know! They want to know that you are listening and that you value their opinion.

In conclusion, by using your SugarCRM integration with a Higher Logic Online Community you can continue to adjust and improve your business to increase customer success. Make sure that your team buys in and that customer success is the number one focus of all departments. A happy customer will bring you the greatest success.

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